Mediterrània Irish Dance and English School

Irish Dance and English courses in Barcelona, Girona, Vic and València. We are committed to education. The passion and dedication of our faculty ensure that students will receive an enriching and professional training. People, space, light, technique, and tradition are the key elements that allow us to offer the highest quality learning experience.

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Irish Dance Courses

Irish dance attracts people from all ages and all cultures. It is estimated that more than 800,000 people in the world practice daily this combination of physical exercise, aesthetic enjoyment and socialization. All of our educational programs offer participants a comprehensive and professional training. We are the only Irish dance school in the whole country with two accredited Masters in Irish Dance, both graduates and active affiliates of the Irish World Academy of the University of Limerick in Ireland.

English school

Nowadays English is indispensable. We make a difference in our courses, with a linguistic and cultural immersion based on funny and meaningful experiences. Our students have a privileged contact with the Anglo-Saxon world. We work in fundamental values based on passion, effort, creativity, innovation and teamwork.

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Workshops, resources and exhibitions

We have a number of educational resources, workshops and exhibitions for schools, institutions and individuals for both Irish dance and English language programs.